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Claire Pinatel

Sep 6


Sarah FrostDebris

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Aug 31

Heterosexuality is fucking weird. I have all these instincts to ‘feed the man meat’ and I’m pretty sure that was an advertisement and God, how have we dealt with this?

Aug 29


Ground Control by Julien Pacaud, 2014. Digital artwork.

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Aug 27

Aug 26

How many times have we hurt each other not knowing? Destiny
wears her clothes inside out. Each desire is a memory of the future.
The past is a fake cloud we’ve pasted to a paper sky. That is
why our dreams are the most real thing we possess. My logic
here is made of your smells, your thighs, your kiss, your words.
I collect stars but have no place to put them. You take my breath
away only to give back a purer one. The way you dance created
a new constellation […] Why is the shadow
I cast always yours?
Richard Jackson, from “Ten Things I Know,” Resonance: Poems (The Ashland Poetry Press, 2010)

Aug 22

As seen in the responses to Ferguson, many liberals today excel at aping leftist aesthetics in order to earn trust into a community while simultaneously resurrecting anti-leftist slurs like “outside agitator.” They pulverize words like “intersectionality” into a meaningless oblivion, and turn them into signals that, yes, they have also taken a Sociology 201 class. They “get it.”

But in reality, these liberals are the enemies of the sort of radical change that these terms of inclusiveness are meant to signify. The language is turned into tools to silence and freeze people out of meaningful discussions about coalition-building and community change and, ultimately, reinforce capitalism’s status quo.

"Love Me, Ferguson, I’m A Liberal", Douglas Williams (via facelessbitchmage)

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